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Stay near Jog Falls
When you are in Matthuga you are neighbour to the world famous, the most magnificent and picturesque falls in Karnataka-India. Set in the wild and exotic surrounding of the river Sharavathi, this majestic falls drops nearly nine hundred feet in the form of four main channels namely Raja, Roarer, Rocket and Rani. Watching Jog falls during the monsoons can be an unforgettable experience. The mist around makes the setting magical to view.
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Muppane Wildlife Sanctuary
The Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is in the Shimoga District of Karnataka. The sanctuary includes a large part of the Linganamakki reservoir formed by the damming of the Sharavathi River by the Karnataka Power Corporation. The river was dammed in 1958. The sanctuary covers an area of 431 sq. km. Whilst Kargal is the entry point from the northern boundary of the sanctuary, Nagavalli is the exit on the coastal boundary (Kargal-Nagvalli is approx. 85 km.) Mupanne has Forest Rest House and Tents, which are maintained by the Wildlife Division of the Karnataka Forest Service. The Rest House is on the edge of the Linganamakki reservoir, amidst semi- evergreen forest, approximately 3 km from the main road. The northern part of the sanctuary is mainly semi evergreen forest, degraded in many areas. The entire route from Kargal, through the sanctuary, has numerous villages often bordered by plantations. A large part of the eastern part of the sanctuary is the Linganamakki reservoir itself.
Distance from Matthuga - 15 Kms.