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Stay near Jog Falls
When you are in Matthuga you are neighbour to the world famous, the most magnificent and picturesque falls in Karnataka-India. Set in the wild and exotic surrounding of the river Sharavathi, this majestic falls drops nearly nine hundred feet in the form of four main channels namely Raja, Roarer, Rocket and Rani. Watching Jog falls during the monsoons can be an unforgettable experience. The mist around makes the setting magical to view.
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The word “Matthuga” was a name of a village in Sagar Taluk. M.S.Narahari is originally from that village. All his forefathers have lived there. Hence their family is called “Matthuga family”.

Originally the village was called "Mutthuga" which is the name of a plant. (Botonical name:-Butea Monosperma, English meaning:- Flame of the Forest ). The village , at that time, must have been full of Mutthuga trees. Mutthuga trees have both medicinal and spiritual values. It is used in many Ayurvedic preparations. It's leaves are used in many Hindu religious pujas and "Homas". It is very useful as a wood also.

The name “Mutthuga”, became “Matthuga” in the words of villagers during the course of time.

The village Matthuga has submerged in the back waters of Sharavathi when Linganamakki Dam was built.

In memory of that sweet village, his new farm at Talavata, which was purchased in the year 1995, was named after that village.
Mutthuga Tree (Butea Monosperma)
English meaning - Flame of the Forest
This tree gets up to 50 ft high, with stunning flower clusters. It loses its leaves as the flowers develop, January - March. With good salt-tolerance, it can be used in coastal areas, but protect from direct exposure to salt spray, which will burn the leaves. The trunk becomes twisted and gnarled by the wind, making it a conversation piece. Use it as a specimen, or as a background component of the canopy.
The place is managed by Mr.M.S.Narahari and Mrs. Kamakshi Narahari. They are ably assisted by Vigneswara and his wife Sunanda.

M.S.Narahari and Kamakshi Narahari, both are originally from the same place, Malnad area of western ghat. Apart from its beauty of ever green forests with a wide range of wild life,  ever  flowing water streams, Malnad is also famous for its hospitality. People of malnad are very good in nature and are very friendly. Guests are really treated as Gods - Athithi Devo Bhava!!

You can expect the same in Matthuga.
The site where the old house of Mr.Narahari at Matthuga was there. This is seen only during summer when the Linganamakki backwater goes down.